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UPDATES: September 2016

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UPDATES: September 2016

Post by Zyro on Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:10 pm

MotM Info, Inactive Accounts, and Forum Changes

September updates leggo~

As per request, we now have a lovely new rank for our MotM! You can find more info here, but the jist of things is each month the Council will nominate and vote users who have been particularly active and helpful around the site. The "winner" will get our new minty-fresh rank color for the month, as well as a few other rewards that you can read more about on the thread. Our first MotM will be announced on the 1st of October, so keep your eyes peeled!


Listed below are account that are considered "inactive"* as of 9/17/16:
Jackaal (Thane you're still good c:)

*In general it takes about 3-4 weeks for your account to be considered completely inactive and be in danger of deletion

Inactive user's will have their accounts deleted on Thursday the 22nd of September, and their biographies will be archived. If you are on the list and wish to be taken off to be considered active again, be put on official EFA, or changed to a drifter please get in contact with me. Otherwise these members can rejoin at a later time.

There have been a few small changes around the forum, and as always there still might be in the future. The biggest change is the introduction of our Character Adoptions board, which can be found under the Roleplay category. Here you can post biographies of characters you might be interested in giving out for other users to rp as, or if/when pups come into the picture they can be posted there as well. RP Event chars may be posted there in the future.

The Points Shop has also moved to the Lounge, and the widgets on the edges of the site may shift around a bit. If you notice something isn't working correctly on the forum, or if I break the site completely, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP! I sometimes make ridiculous mistakes so help me out, squad.

The Pack Playlist will be reopening tomorrow, and the WQ thread will be updated on the 22nd. Our Signature contest has been pushed off for a later date when everyone is not as busy with school/work/etc.  I think that's really all I have for now, so have an amazing day and keep being dutiful servants amazing!~

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