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UPDATES: July 2016 Empty UPDATES: July 2016

Post by Zyro on Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:41 am


Hello everyone! As our first month anniversary as a pack draws nearer, I have been working my best to keep everything up to speed. If you've been looking around the forum, you probably noticed a few changes, and I am here to tell you about some of them.

Firstly, a few boards from the forum have been removed, and two new ones have been added! The Member Announcements board is now in the Lounge, where you can post EFA's, birthdays, and more. Also, in the Roleplay category, the Points Shop forum has been opened and is now fully running! I encourage you to take a look around and see for yourself. For all the members here before the points system was installed, you have as many Points as appropriate based on your post count. You can view your points in either your profile or right under your post count on a message you sent in a forum. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome as always in the Suggestions & Ideas board.

Also, our mini-roleplay event "A storm is brewing..." has now officially concluded and the RP INFO widget on the side of the website has been updated to reflect accurate information. The storm has passed the Valley, but who knows what dangers the more peaceful weather may bring...

As before mentioned, our first month anniversary is nearing. I know we have only been a pack for a short time, but all of your dedication and participation has meant the world to me over these past few weeks. Many packs nowadays only live for a few days, so it makes me very hopeful for the future that we have made it this far! To celebrate next week on the 25th, I have a contest and even a special game planned for us, as well as a brand new roleplay event in the works and even some opportunities for you to earn a promotion as our numbers grow and more helping hands are needed!

Finally, I would like to remind all of our members on WQ that it is important to keep posting on our WolfQuest thread! I know it is easy to not post there when things are slow, but at the moment it is one of the best ways to show fellow wolf roleplayers that we are active. There hasn't been a lot of traffic in WQ, but I still like to keep our thread near the top so that anyone who does pass through will potentially click on it and know that we have an active community. I would appreciate the effort of everyone to post about once a week there! In the meantime I am still searching for ways to get our name out there so we can continue to grow.

Thank you all for being amazing, and here's to many more days to come!

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