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UPDATES: October 2016 Empty UPDATES: October 2016

Post by Zwei on Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:58 pm

Halloween eventsssss

Another month of updates, kiddos!
Halloween Quiz Night!!
We will be holding a Quiz night in the chat box on the 29th, the saturday of the weekend before Halloween. In our poll, we asked you guys to pick which time worked best for your between the two ranges listed, and they're about even so far with some people okay with both. This leads us to think that both times might be used depending on whose on and how active we get that night. We're pretty much gonna play it by ear, considering out activity is a little low with everyone a bit busy with life.
Please keep an eye out for any other announcements, and save the date! I hope it's a lot of fun.

In addition to this, we may or may not manage to do some Fall Superlatives, but it seems all three of us are a bit busy right now, so don't quote us on that please.

There will be no Halloween RP event. We just don't have the time or people to plan it all out successfully right now.

This month, we're gonna pass on worrying too much about inactive accounts. If you haven't posted in a time and aren't a drifter, you know who you are. Next month, hopefully things will be less busy and we can do a nice clean sweep.

The Pack Playlist will be reopening today and ending the 25th. The 25th also marks the 4 month anniversary of this lovely site, and will start the deliberations of the next MOTM. I think that's it for now, sorry if I missed anything. Also sorry that we're a bit absent lately, promise it's not fault but life's shitty timing. This month is a bit off with Zyro's break, and the rp is slowing down, but I have ideas to get it rolling at least a bit if it needs a nice push. Please keep checking guys, and here's hoping next month is better! <3 thank you, loves!

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