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UPDATES: August 2016 Empty UPDATES: August 2016

Post by Zyro on Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:35 am

Inactivity, Drifters, Etc.
Alrighty kids, I have a few things to update you all on and a question to ask, so bear with me for a few.

So, I feel like I've been raving about this a lot lately, but one more time: It is super important to notify me of EFA's as they come up. A simple PM or topic in the Member Announcements forum will do. You can either give a time frame for when you will be inactive, or simply give a warning for a large decrease in activity. TGA is proving to be a pretty fast-paced site, so especially as schools are starting up and people are getting busy, if you want your TGA account to be safe, it's becoming more and more important to just let me know if there is a change in your activity level.

That brings us to a new update. Real life comes first always always always, but I'm greedy and want to keep in contact with all of you, so a new rank has been created. This has been asked about in the past and is pretty common on wolf rp sites I feel, and if you think being a full member isn't working out for you any more, then you can join the Drifter rank. This position is like a "pack friend" sort of deal, where you will have membership access to the forums and chatbox, but not the roleplay, and there is zero expectations when it comes to your activity. You can log on whenever you want and you never have to worry about your account being deleted. This way not only can people thinking about joining get a feel for the site, but members who can no longer participate can still keep in contact. If you are a member and want to become a Drifter or have any questions, feel free to PM me. You can also ask to join this rank in the Member Announcements forum.

Listed below are account that are considered "inactive"* as of 8/15/16:

*In general it takes about 2-3 weeks for your account to be considered completely inactive and be in danger of deletion

Any inactive accounts will be deleted on Monday, the 22nd of August, so be sure and get in contact with me if your name is listed and you want to avoid that! Deleted accounts will have their characters sweeped from the roleplay and their bio's locked into an archive never to seE THe LIGHT AGAIN unless you rejoin.

As some of you might have noticed, there has been some shifting around in terms of where some forums are located and what content you can find within them. I understand this might be a little confusing, especially as more subforums are added (like in the off-topic forum), so if you have any questions you know what to dooo. Also, if you're unsure where a topic should go, don't worry about it. I'll move it if need be.
On top of that I am doing minor stuff like shifting the site's widgets, color ranks, etc. So keep me in the loop if something no longer is working for you because chances are I broke it. ANDANDAND if anyone is experiencing ad problems (frequent or large, dodgy popups) let me know. Our forum is old enough now that things like that might start to happen, and I can pay to make them go away forever if it gets to the point where it is unbearable for y'all.

The points system is being adjusted as well, and I will keep you all in the loop regarding it. Your points and the shop are still open/valid, just be aware that there might be changes.

... gaywood...
i'll post a warning before i do it so y'all won't miss it now leave me alone. i hate

The majority vote when I previously asked about this was in favor of having rank-specific items for your wolves to wear. Since these are your characters that will be wearing them, I want ideas, input, concerns, etc. Hash it out with me in the replies below. Keep in mind that we are looking for something a bit more subtle, and I want everyone to at least not HATE the idea, so be sure to put in your two cents. I'll make an announcement about this as well when we have the general system worked out, and will also integrate it on the forum/rp. Also big creds to Zwei, we love you bab.

I don't think I have anything else to update you all on, so thank you for reading this novel of a post and stay lovelyyy

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UPDATES: August 2016 Empty Re: UPDATES: August 2016

Post by Zwei on Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:43 am

Eyyy, do I get a promotion now boss?
Jk <3
Anyhow, for the rank-specific items, I know some people were suggestion different colored beads or feathers, maybe with an option of having it as an ear piercing? Or a necklace of sorts, something wearable but also durable between hunting, fighting, etc.
Another cool thing could maybe be something different for each, like a feather for spears, a bracelet or necklace of small rocks for brunts (cause they're tough), and I'm not sure about mages. Idk, there'res plenty of room for ideas floating around in everyone's head so we'll figure it out.

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