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Character Adoption Guidelines

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Character Adoption Guidelines

Post by Zwei on Sat May 06, 2017 1:27 pm

Breaking the cobwebs in this topic!

I know the usual rule is that unless it's a pup, you need an extra character slot, but I'm gonna waive that for now as far as adopted characters go. Don't go crazy, but if you want an adult posted here, I'm not gonna be stingy about costs, and you must still be able to play the ones you own already. Pups are no exception but require less attention, therefore, I'll be a little lenient on.

Anyway, this is so very unofficial, but I'm gonna put the general rules here:

~Only adopt what you can handle rp wise. Don't get too many characters to the point that you can't balance them all.
~You must get approval from the user posting the entry and follow any rules they set for that particular character.
~If you don't have a good reputation with your own, don't expect to be allowed to have another character. I will be keeping an eye on it.
~For now, any adoptions, regardless of age, will be free but monitored to ensure that this isn't' abused.
~Have fun!

Make sense? Yay! That's the gist of it, kids. I don't know how often this will get used, but it's here.
~The lovely, Zwei

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