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Points Rules & Info

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Points Rules & Info

Post by Zyro on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:21 am

Points Rules & Info

Below are some rules and guides for you to get acquainted with in order to take full advantage of the Points system on the TGA forums. If you read through this and still have questions, feel free to ask for help in the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

I. What are "Points" and how do I use them?
Points are the currency we use on the forum in order to acquire special items, more characters, or member-made art/adoptables/etc. Points are given to you for posting and creating threads in certain topics, and some topics more offer you more Points than others. Be sure to keep an eye on the amount of Points you have, because based on your activity, it can change pretty rapidly!

There are only two ways to lose Points. One is if you have purchased something from either the official shop or a member shop. If you have purchased from the official shop then the Points will simply be deducted from your account, but if you purchase something from another member the Points will be taken from you and given to the other member. The other way to lose points is if you get warnings or bans, with each warning making you lose ten (10) Points, and each ban - whether temporary or permanent - resulting in a complete reset of Points.

II. Points Rules
- You may not ask to aquire more Points via a Royal/Deputy/Rank Leader. All Points must either be earned by posting in the forums or by creating a Points shop.
- Points cannot be traded among friends for any other reason besides purchases made in a shop. The Points you earn are permanently yours, and cannot be given out at random to those who did not earn them.
- If you suspect there is something wrong with your Points (missing points, random increases, etc.) please contact a Royal/Deputy/Rank Leader for help.
- You have full control over the pricing in your shop, though it is not recommended that you make your items too cheap or too expensive. The Official store is a good base if you are curious about how much you should charge in your store.
- Even if you purchase artwork or something else from a member in their shop, you may not take credit for it. While it is yours to use and do as you wish with, please respect the member who created it for you!
- Any questions should either be directed to a Council Member or posted in the Help Center on the forum.

III. Shopping with your Points
The Official Graywood Shop
This is the shop run by pack Royals, and is the only place where you may purchase roleplay items and additional characters (besides pups, which will be discussed in the Member Shops section). This shop is open to all members of the site, and will remain open permanently. It is a good reference if you are confused about pricing for your own shop, and is where you can purchase plenty of exciting items with your Points!

Member Shops
Member shops can be open and run by any member of TGA. You can sell linearts, drawings, character adoptables, and more in your own shop for points! When someone makes a purchase from your shop, their points will be transferred to the shop owner as form of payment. Member shops CANNOT sell in-game roleplay items or extra character slots. If you buy an adoptable character from someone's shop, you must also buy an extra character slot from The Official Graywood Shop. The only time this rule doesn't apply is when mates have pups, in which case they can put their pups up for adoption at any price and a member can immediately start roleplaying as it, no extra purchases required.

Members can open and run as many individual shops as they wish, but it is important to keep your customers updated on which of your shops are opened or closed. It is also important that you make clear how much your items cost so that when someone makes a purchase, the Council knows how many Points to transfer between members.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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