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Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:59 am

Roleplay Rules

These are a few things to keep in mind before posting in the roleplay. If a pot you write breaks one of these rules, you will be asked to edit or rewrite your post.

- No Mary/Gary Sue characters. All characters have strengths and weakness'. The more creative and unique your character, the more exciting the roleplay!
- No double posting. If you want to add something to your post before someone else posts, please use the edit button.
- Please keep everything in the roleplay threads IC (in-character). If you have a notes section at the bottom of your posts, that may be OOC, but otherwise please use another thread, PM, or the chatbox for OOC chat.
- Do not control other people's characters without their permission. This includes things such as dialogue, actions, expressions, etc.
- When hunting or fighting, always leave wiggle room for failure. Meaning, you cannot land every blow and your wolf WILL take some damage during these activities. They won't come out of a war unscathed.
- Try to keep things moderately realistic. A single wolf cannot hunt a full grown elk on it's own, no matter how powerful, just as a blind wolf would not be able to fight nearly as well as one with good vision.
- Accessories such as necklaces, feathers, etc. must be purchased from a point shop. If your character has the item as a default, please contact a Council Member to determine whether you will have to repurchase it or not.
- Sexual content or other explicit material is not allowed in the public roleplay, including extreme gore. Please fade to black or simply exclude these scenes.
- LGBT+ and other diversities are more than allowed. It's all about respect, which we pay to all members and characters.
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