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Kaya Joining Form

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Kaya Joining Form

Post by Kaya on Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:40 am

Wolfquest Username: YourBountyIsMine. (Not very active on there, tbh.)
Name: Kaya.
Age: 2 Years Old.
Gender: Female.
Desired Rank: Mage.
  • Personality: Supportive and kind, Kaya is willing to lend her knowledge and experience to anyone who needs it. Kaya strives for win-win situations, and tries to choose empathy over judgement whenever possible. She likes to take care of everyone and anyone, even at the risk of getting overloaded.

    As well as being supportive, Kaya is reliable and patient. As a perfectionist, she prefers to take her time, and take a steady approach to the situation. Imaginative with an empathetic outlook, she's good at seeing things from another perspective. Enthusiastic, Kaya is willing to put her energy into what she believes will make a difference. Given time, this enthusiasm grows into loyalty.

    So concerned with others feelings, Kaya places them above her own. She refuses to make her own thoughts known, or to take any earned credit for her contributions. This humble and shy behavior is one of her biggest challenges, as Kaya has high standards for herself. She'll often downplay her success, even if it's only something small she needs to work on.

    As well as this, she'll often repress her feelings. She's private and sensitive, internalizing her feelings. This lack of emotional expression often leads to her feeling stressed and frustrated. This is another weakness the healer needs to work on. Kaya also struggles to separate personal and impersonal situations, as she takes everything personal.

    Last of all, Kaya is altruistic. She's willing to let things slide, believing that things will get better soon. Because of this, Kaya is quite the pushover. She does not like to accept help, as she doesn't want to be a burden, but she takes it upon herself to help everyone.
    (Not great at writing these.)
  • Appearance: Kaya has auburn coloured fur, with a black stripe going down her back. She has ginger highlights in her fur, streaking along her belly, and covering her face and ears. She has a white underbelly, and a white diamond marking on her forehead. The tip of her tail is black, as well as the end of her nose bridge, and under her eyes. Speckled across her pelt are small white "birdcatcher" spots. She has shimmering golden eyes.
    (Not great at writing these either, haha. Hopefully her looks are okay?)


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Re: Kaya Joining Form

Post by Zyro on Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:48 am

She seems lovely! Accepted, and welcome to TGA

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Re: Kaya Joining Form

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:09 am

@Zyro wrote:She seems lovely! Accepted, and welcome to TGA
Thank you for accepting me! = D


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Re: Kaya Joining Form

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