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Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:05 am

Join TGA
Hello! I am very happy to see that you are interested in joining our ranks here at The Graywood Alliance. Before filling out an application, it is highly recommended that you read over some of our rules.

Once you have read over those and are sure you wish to join, simply post either a new topic or as a response to this topic and include the following application for your character:

Wolfquest Username: (Not required)
Desired Rank:
Personality: Just a few sentences is fine
Appearance: Just a few sentences is fine
History: (optional)
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Join The Graywood Alliance! Empty Alistair Application

Post by Alistair on Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:59 pm

Name: Alistair
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Desired Rank: Spear
Personality: Alistair's specialty is jokes and puns, and he's never really all that serious. he makes light of basically everything, especially things pertaining to himself like his laziness, his strange and/or bad habits, or the fact that he can run fast but only for short periods of time. Despite him not sleeping very much, Alistair tends to lay around a lot, not really moving much. he doesn't really care that much about ranks and authority, as he rates people on how important they are to him. if he doesn't like someone, he'll blatantly tell them so, and if someone keeps bothering him, he'll just telly them off, being as snarky and sarcastic as he can. he doesn't really talk to people much unless he's with his friends, and if he doesn't have any friends, he'll just find a relatively okay person and try to be friends with them.

Appearance: Alistair has a grey-ish white coat and a dark grey undercoat, that's even black in some places, and it peaks through his top coat in some areas. His fur is a light tan color in the middle of his forehead, and the color runs all the way down his nose; as well as on his upper forearms, and down the middle of his throat, all the way to his stomach. His ears are white and fluffy on the innermost part, then it transitions to tan with black caps.

History: Alistair's always kept his distance from people, sometimes sitting and observing the pack from a distance, and sometimes just trying to escape from reality by losing himself in the scenery. he had an average family, although they were never really especially loving or positive towards him, it was obvious that they at least cared enough to take care of him. he was eventually kicked out after he turned two, as is the inevitable, and just sort of wandered around since then.


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Post by Zyro on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:05 pm

Alistair, you are accepted! Welcome to TGA, and I look forward to seeing you around!

You can go ahead and sign up for an account, as well.

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Post by Falconette on Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:05 pm

Join The Graywood Alliance! Winter10

Name: Naviunna Falcon (Nah-vEE-oon-uh FAL-kin)
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Mage
Personality: Naviunna is intuitive and can sense the tension, or lack of, amongst other species. Whether she smells endorphins pushed into the air, or by reading obvious, and sometimes not-so-obvious body language. She is creative, but mostly sociable. She can be lazy physically, however mentally, she loves a mind challenge. Or game, if you will. She is a hopeless romantic and crushes easily, but her helpful nature causes her to be shy when it comes to her own personal life. She remains honest with everyone she interacts with, and avoids hostile wolves unless they cooperate on Naviunna's terms. She believes in mental strength and thinks more wolves should be aware of their personal well-being.
Appearance: To begin, Naviunna has bright eyes but that is her most appealing feature. She has a blank white coat that is more sleek than thick. The fur on her nape and shoulders is longer, giving her the appearance of having a mane. She has large, pointed ears and a slender face. She is not a boastful wolf, however, she does walk with a sense of grace and elegance. Not as if she is better than others, rather she is confident and usually in a peaceful state of mind. She does not have a rushed gait or really any rushed mannerisms. Some may call her slow, but in action situations, she is quick to respond.
History: Naviunna was raised by a foster family within Graywood.

Born to Nuraco and Windsong, a rogue pair, Naviunna was the only survivor her father failed to kill the day Windsong gave birth. Windsong fled with Naviunna where she attempted to raise her alone but Naviunna was depressed in her early life. Windsong had to explain why they could not join a pack, 'because they were considered outsiders'... Naviunna crossed into claimed territory before she was 6 months old, leaving her mother behind. She was sought out by Scouts of the pack and raised amongst other pups there.

Naviunna was not ever a fighter. She always had a huge heart and was concerned for others feelings even when they didn't care about their own feelings. She continues to fight for others' mental well-being and strives to be a supportive being that pack mates can come to a get things off their chest. She has no existing family, mates, or pups. Foster family wanted.

(( Interested in giving my character golden piercings on her ears...does that need to be purchased in Shop Store? ))

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