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Brume - Application

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Brume - Application Empty Brume - Application

Post by Brume on Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:26 am

Name: Brume
Age: Three
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Medic (Newblood first, I know)
Brume - noun - mist or fog. ENFP personality type.
Brume is a canny soul as much as she is a colourful one. She’s earthy, caked in the mud and mire of her soggy homeland; she’s used to bad weather, alright, and in her words ‘doesn’t run from no storms’. Indeed, she’s the kind to adapt rather than be forced to change and be stoic rather than giving up at the first sign of a hurdle - despite liking her creature comforts she’ll endure anything if she wants to, planting her paws solidly into the earth and standing her ground. To be honest, she’d try to outlive God - Brume is a fighter, more than anything else, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. It could be said that she is, at worst, doggedly stubborn, sometimes willing to  cut off her nose to spite her face. Although that would end up with her being noseless, and even she might object to that.

She’s roughly hewn but at the same time somewhat intellectual in her own, slightly odd fashion; natural and resoundingly candid, she tends to be intuitive and superstitious, picking up odd habits and often exhibiting a wide expanse of knowledge about fauna and flora alongside snippets and pieces from other fields, arcane or otherwise. She’s travelled a lot in her time, quite simply, and there’s not much she hasn’t heard of even if she doesn't have the t-shirt of it. Her interests could be described as being offgrid and less than secular, to be sure, and raises questions as to what she mutters about when she thinks she’s alone. She can be, to put it mildly, a little eccentric, and doesn't live for anyone but herself.

Brume can be vulnerable to stress and she certainly isn't a super wolf. She doesn't always think straight in stressful situations - she's practical at heart despite her little foibles but that doesn't often come across well when she's stressed, sometimes making decisions she regrets later on. She also tends to keep her options open until the last minute. This she-wolf is the kind to be upfront about a lot of things, though - she doesn’t take tripe and isn’t afraid to say it. She doesn’t have time for anything other than honesty. In many ways she could be considered insensitive, and has indeed been insensitive in the past in her badly timed moments. The good thing about Brume is that you’ll almost certainly know about it if she doesn’t like you, though, and you’re not going to lose any sleep thinking about it - and the thing is she won’t lose any sleep over you at all so you might as well hit the hay anyway.

But in the same way, if she does like you, you’ll know about that too - because this female is, although not lively, of a vibrant personality. Morally, she tends to be community minded; she doesn’t gossip and she doesn’t muck around, pulling together for a team when the need occurs and can be helpful when she wants to be. Indeed, although she can be the lone ranger when the need occurs (again), she is ultimately a team player and does not take comfort from being alone nor sees any point in sequestering herself away; Brume enjoys talking with those she has taken a liking to and isn’t what you would call antisocial by any means. A bit sarcastic and dry, sure, and not always the most sympathetic, but not antisocial. If anything she thrives off social interaction, albeit that which skips small talk which she finds to be frustratingly superficial.  Brume is, in short, an intense ball of erudite knowledge and toughened resilience, packed together in a patchwork of smoky fur.

Reference to be found here, as hyperlink isn't working?:

Brume is not overwhelmingly feminine, having to her features a certain masculine, blocky look despite her lithe frame. Her body is slim and of average height - neither tall nor short especially, just average really - but there is a masculinity to her which is not altogether attractive and makes you think she’s male upon meeting her where the light isn’t so good, perhaps, or when she doesn’t speak; her voice is the only thing about her which is especially feminine. In many ways she could have been built to be a Spear because she certainly has an agile body, although her interests and personality do not gel so well to that particular rank, and being a Brunt is out of the question - she can defend herself, but she isn't as strong as some other individuals and has never been trained as part of a rank that specialises in fighting.

Her palette is profoundly, as one would expect of her name, grey and black; most of her body is an oily dark grey and across her back is a cloak of darker black from behind her ears right down to her tail. Her eyes are a deeper orange brown, although around them, too, is an unusual marking; a dark pool of slate around her eyewith a sweep of silver that tumbles down her muzzle on both sides of her head. This marking seems unnaturally elegant for Brume, who in any other sense seems to be rather common or garden, but it is a family trait passed down through the ages and one she has happened to inherit by chance.

Brume's gait is sensitive, almost hesitant, and there's a good reason for that. In fact, she is used to far more slippery terrain and always has been, and even in what she would consider to be drylands, away from any source of water at all let alone her homeland, she tends to walk in the same way, taking care with every step to ensure she doesn’t lose her footing.

Brume grew up in swampland and marsh, in bog and mire - and she’s proud of it. It wasn’t the safest place to grow up, granted, with its crocodiles, diseases, dirty water and terrible weather, in comparison to the ‘drylands’, but it was home. Brume was named so because of the dark colours of her coat, which seemed to echo that of the frequent mist and fog that used to come into the area in winter; her family never had a surname, although they took on Carlyle, the name of the swamp in which they lived. She grew to be very tomboyish from an early age and as the only girl in a litter of boys was literally raised just like them, making her very confident and outgoing very early on - these are traits she has kept to this very day. She was raised in a big family with four brothers and grew to know the swamps she came from intimately, knowing every nook and cranny of the land she was raised in. She was adventurous soul from a young age, enjoying discovering new things.

Her childhood was happy, although, admittedly, dangerous - she wasn’t raised in a sheltered environment and they all knew about the dangers of the marsh from an early age. They couldn’t not; it was right outside their doorstep, and so despite a sense of adventure Brume grew to be quite canny and on the ball. Out in the swamp you couldn’t play anywhere, nor could you ignore something just because it looked more like a log than it did a crocodile, and all of the children were aware of this. One notable time Brume and her brothers were playing and  they didn’t know they had stumbled upon some crocodile eggs - and the mother. Although all pups came out of the ordeal unscathed, that was an incident that definitely defined the swamp for Brume and ensured she never forgot its dangers.

Considering how dangerous it was it would have been wise, perhaps, to move. Brume’s parents would have had their work cut out trying to escort five children out of a marsh but surely it would have been safer in the long run. It was something that Brume’s brothers had asked for quite some time, but it appeared as though Brume’s parents were the solitary, quiet sort and had left together from the pack they had been in to retreat and raise their family somewhere else - never mind the fact that the place they chose was potentially dangerous. In her kinder moments, Brume would class her parents as the spacey, not-quite-here types that meant well but ultimately didn’t have a clue.  

But her life was a good one and at the age of two she left to seek her own fortunes. She wasn’t immediately drawn to being a medic at a young age, but her interest in being one grew more in a pursuit for knowledge than to satisfy some desire to help others. She travelled extensively, meeting a lot of individuals and learning a lot of things, but the road was not for her; Brume was not the traveller’s sort, and needed somewhere to settle down. She stumbled upon the Greywood Alliance and has been there ever since.

OOC: ello, name's jess and i'm a brit, i bring offerings of tea and bad weather. looking forward to being a part of the site, any problems with the form let me know c: it's a lovely site, by the way!

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Brume - Application Empty Re: Brume - Application

Post by Zyro on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:07 am

Brume is already one of my favorite characters. Accepted of course, as she'll fit in just fine.

Normally I would detest your leaf water, but I have an ego bigger than any nameable object, so you've found redemption in your compliments. Welcome to the pack!

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Brume - Application Empty Re: Brume - Application

Post by Brume on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:20 am

And I will ignore comments about said leaf water because you've stroked my ego with Brume. Egos help the world go round. ;P
Thank you! I'll go get set up. Thanks for the welcome.

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Brume - Application Empty Re: Brume - Application

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