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Eshedell A multispecies RPG

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Eshedell A multispecies RPG

Post by AllisonAdmin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:01 pm

Edeshell. Home of the Dragon King.

The great dragon king Circe was slowly dying and with it, his rule over Eshedell was lessening as well. Slowly, different species in other groups start to appear, some rebelling against the king, others who support him. Either way, it's messy.

Others were betraying family or some even friends. Groups of heroes and villains rise from the dark to pledge their selves or to destroy the world. Though first, you have to know what had happened.

The King, Circe, had inherited the throne when he was only 200 years old. The dragon boy had dreams of creating a newer and better world for everyone. However, when he had received his adviser, things had been whispered in his ears. Some of death and destruction, some of public affairs. These instances had brought fear to Circe's people. He now ruled them with it.

As the years had rolled past, more and more people feared to leave their homes. That is, until word caught it that Circe was dying. Only 500 years after he had come to the throne. Legend says that the oldest dragon had come to be 705. Circe was close, yet he could not make it 5 more years...or could he? Did that mean that everyone had 5 more years of torment? Or were the bands of rebels going to attack at the right time, saving their kingdom?

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