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Mates & Pups

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Post by Zyro on Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:20 am

Mates & Pups
Below is some basic information you need to know regarding the formation of a mating bond and how a couple may have pups in the roleplay.

Mating is the closest romantic bond two or more wolves can have in TGA. These wolves are thought to be the equivalent of a married couple in the human world, and the decision to link themselves together in such a way must be consensual for all parties. It is highly unlikely that two wolves will become mates straight away, as it is usually done only after the wolves have known each other very well for a while, and are both aware and comfortable with each other's romantic interests. Once the wolves decide to become mates, they must ask a Royal to hold them a Mating Ceremony (more about that in the Traditions & Ceremonies thread) before the relationship is official.
Some things that are allowed regarding the "mate" relationship status:
- Any combination of wolves, regardless of gender
- Polyamorous relationships (one's involving more than two wolves)
- "Fade to black" during any scenes that would include sexual content as it is not allowed on the public roleplay threads
- Breaking the mating bond (divorce, basically)
- Same-sex couples or those who can't reproduce using another (consenting) party to help them have pups

Things that are not allowed:
- Characters under the age of two years old being a part of a mated relationship
- Publicly roleplaying sexual scenes on the forum

Once a mating bond has been formed, the wolves may decide to start a family. They may do this at any time they wish, and can either have the pups themselves, use a surrogate/donor, or adopt pups based on the wolves' abilities and preferences. The pregnancy must be roleplayed for about 3 weeks in real-time by the wolf carrying the pups, and when the time is right they will be brought into the roleplay, creating new characters for the pack to enjoy. The number of pups will be decided based on a dice roll by a Royal, but the parents may create the appearance and sex of their offspring, along with basic personality traits. The parents will then roleplay as the pups, but if they are not adopted by other members to play by the time a month passes, the offspring must either die or leave the pack.
For more information about adopting a pup character, please check the Multiple Characters thread in the Roleplay Guide.

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