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Traditions & Ceremonies

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Traditions & Ceremonies Empty Traditions & Ceremonies

Post by Zyro on Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:20 am

Traditions & Ceremonies

Listed here are all the traditions are ceremonies in TGA, what they mean, and how they are celebrated.

Mating Ceremony
The mating ceremony is to officially join two or more wolves together to become mates. It is held after the to-be-mates have talked it over with a Royal, and the whole pack attends. The ceremony takes place in a clearing near Lake Ashman, where a Royal will recite a few important lines and then the mates will take their first meal together, a tradition where they both drink the lake water and then eat from a meal provided by the rest of the pack. Afterwards, the wolves are officially considered mates, and howling/partying/games ensue in celebration of the exciting new relationship.

An Igniting is held every time a Spark becomes one year of age, usually a few weeks after their birthday. This ceremony is only held for those pups who have trained and are wishing to become a specialized rank (Spear, Brunt, or Mage). It is to determine whether the pup is ready to take on the duties of that rank or not, and is usually seen as one of the most important ceremonies in a wolf's life. The Spark will preform a specific task based on what rank they wish to pursue, with one supervisor present, and may not return to the den site unless successful. Failure to complete their task by sunrise of the next day results in them being able to choose to have one redo or to join the Rezza rank. If they fail upon second attempt, they become a Rezza permanently until they can prove themselves to fulfill their desired rank.
Igniting as a Spear: Spears are typically the scouts and hunters of the pack, being the fastest wolves and having very acute senses. For their test, a older Spear will track down a small rabbit or other prey, taking it unharmed to the starting place of the ceremony. Upon release of the prey, it is a Spear's job to scavenge it's whereabouts and kill the animal. Proof of the kill must be taken back to the den.
Igniting as a Mage: Mage's are the healers and advice-givers of the pack, typically a bit more intellectual than most. For their test, an older Mage will fake a severe injury or disease that has mildly complex symptoms, but will not tell the Spark what they are faking. It is the Spark's job to correctly diagnose the illness, scavenge the appropriate materials within the territory to treat it, and mock "heal" the older Mage. If preformed perfectly correct, they pass.
Igniting as a Brunt: The Brunt's are the strongest of the strong. They have similar duties to Spears, but are typically much different in specialization and build. A Brunt is usually called on for their strength and wit in times of a crisis, so for their test takes place on the dangerous slopes of Mount Jaar. They must scale up the mountain side and track down the location of an older Brunt, who will spare with them on the mountain side until they have proven their strength.

Day of Lights

Mirror Breaking

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