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The Council

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Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:38 am

The Council
The Council is a group made up of administrators and moderators that have special permissions and responsibilities both on the site and in the roleplay. The ranks included in The Council are Royals, Deputies, and Rank Leaders.

How To Become A Council Member
Council members are typically chosen via application or by way of simply good behavior, though the process is a bit different depending on which type of position you are seeking.

    Royals: To become a royal, it is first required you gain experience as either a Deputy or a Rank Leader. Once you have proven your capability to handle the responsibilities, you may be invited to become a royal. Remember, it is very rare to become one, as it is the rank with the most power in and out of roleplay, so don't feel discouraged if you are not offered the position.

    Deputies: Either personal invitation from a Royal or by means of an application.

    Rank Leader: Applications will be put out in order to apply for this rank.

Permissions & Responsibilities
On the forum, Royals are the Administrators and Deputies/Rank Leaders are moderators. Because they are of equal power within the pack, they have the same permissions.

    Royals: Royals have complete power in the forum, including chatbox moderation, the ability to warn and ban members for misconduct, the power to accept members into the pack, mod powers on all topics/forums, and access to the administration panel. They have no limits, which is why becoming a Royal is so rare.

    Deputies & Rank Leaders: These are the moderators of the forum. They may have different boards that they are responsible for, but both have the power to administer warnings (but not bans) to members, have chatbox moderation abilities, and the power to accept alliance/rival requests as well as new member applications. If there are any questions about what they are capable of that is not answered here, feel free to contact a Royal.

How Does Being In The Council Affect RP?
Each member will have new responsibilities in the roleplay because of their high rank. Listed below are the common tasks for each separate group.

    Royals: Royals are the "alpha's" of the pack, and together hold ultimate ruling over pack matters. Their word is law, though typically a Council Meeting is held by them before making any pack-wide decisions. In day-to-day life they may be found solving problems, planning together, helping train/keep an eye on the young, or spending the day with a specific rank.

    Deputies: Deputies are the law-enforcers of the pack. They keep a watchful eye on all members and make sure the rules are being followed at all times. These members are often law-abiding and observant, and have a positive relationship with the Royals. They often report back to the Royals and give them advice or guidance when asked. If a Royal is incapable of preforming their duties, the Deputy they chose will take over for them temporarily.

    Rank Leaders: Rank Leaders are the most talented, wise, or experienced member in their respective rank. They keep an eye on their members, organize hunts/patrols/etc., train the young, and report back to the Royals. They act as a spokesperson for their rank during Council Meetings, and are in equal power to the Deputies.

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