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MotM Spotlight
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RP Info
Chilly winds | Dark clouds | Late evening
RP Season: Late Autumn
RP Event: N/A
The Council
Rank Leaders
Head Mage: TBD
Head Brunt: TBD
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Head Rezza: TBD

About the Territory

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About the Territory Empty About the Territory

Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:59 am

About the Territory

Location & Map
Graywood forest resides in between two large mountains with towering, snow capped peaks. A small creek leads into a lake on the south side of the territory, while to the north the trees become slightly less dense. The eastern mountain is a highly dangerous landscape, with the combination of trees dotting up its side and an unstable ground, falling trees, branches, and rocks are common occurrence. The western mountain is far more pleasant, with a few random caves dotting its sides and the lake nearby, and is where the pack spends a majority of their time.

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(Thanks to Rikki for showing me the site to make this. I know it's bad, but it's just to give a general idea.)

Weather & Climate
The lands of TGA are typically on the colder side of the spectrum year-round, with warm (but not scolding) summers and cold (but not unbearable) winters. The real unpleasantness of it is the amount of stormy weather the area gets. Rainstorms, lightning, and thunder are all common to the pack's territory, and even when it is not storming the sky always seems on edge, a dull overcast being considered "good weather." When heavy storms do arise it can be a real hazard, as there is always the potential of a forest fire, mud slide, avalanche, etc. Needless to say that though the sunny days are rare, they are typically treasured.

Common Predators
- Mountain Lions
- Coyotes
- Bears
- Eagles & other predatory birds

Common Prey
- Elk
- Deer
- Fish
- Rabbits, squirrels, and other small prey
- Wild Mountain Goats
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