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Post by Delsin & Gaho on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:59 pm

I promised pictures of my babies, so here they aarreeee

Artemis Pyle, my sweet little baby. May she rest in peace <3:

Pet threaad 8_31_2015Pet threaad 9_1_2015_5
Pet threaad 11_18_2015


Pet threaad 1_11_2016
Pet threaad 5_29_2016Pet threaad 10_27_2016

Caliope Doodle-booper:

Pet threaad 8_31_2015_2Pet threaad 9_1_2015_2Pet threaad 9_1_2015_3
Lil sweetheart was only with me for a few months, but they were the best months of my life. Lil ol grandma hamster <3

Leroee - the lil bean <3:

Pet threaad 11_11_2016Pet threaad 11_23_2016

The crystal mice:

Pet threaad 12_20_2016_2
Too fast for the camera to catch. I had some vids of these three, but I'll spare you from the sound of my voice.

Non-rodents, dear lord i have a lot of pets:

Pet threaad 1_10_2015
We've got Bitty-boo, our little lion, and Dolly girl.
Pet threaad 2_3_2015
Pet threaad 9_1_2015_4
Or Chloe, as the rest of family likes to call her.
Pet threaad 9_1_2015
And our final pet, DC, ancient but young at heart. And a loud mouth.
Delsin & Gaho
Delsin & Gaho

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Post by Zwei on Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:20 pm

I love all of your pets, they're the cutest things
I just want to hold your little beans
so smol, so squish

I've posted a pic or two of my little babes, the cutest dogs in the universe that they are, the princes of this world
They are not as smol beans

Art by the lovely Ceviche
Head Spear

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Pet threaad Empty Re: Pet threaad

Post by Chrys on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:21 pm

your pets are SO CUTE DEL i'm so happy i finally got to see them. wtf you have so many im so jealous

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