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Crow's Form Empty Crow's Form

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:51 pm

Stumbled upon this site thanks to Lang. Excited to be apart of it!

Wolfquest Username: n/a
Name: ScareCrow "Crow"
Age: Three and a half
Gender: Male
Desired Rank: Brunt
Crow is a simple creature, which desires nothing more than solitude and lazy Sundays. His relaxed nature makes him approachable, but his cold shoulder pushes people away. Crow has a hard time making any form of connection with others, his communication awkward and sometimes clumsy. In truth, he’d much rather keep to himself while observing others from afar; only socializing when the need is forced upon him. If by rare chance, a friend is made Crow is fiercely loyal and protective. He’d immediately jump into battle for an acquaintance, kill for a friend, and die for those he loves.

Crow is vastly intelligent even though his nonchalant attitude makes him appear naïve; he prefers it that way, an element of surprise if you will. His mind is already analyzing who you are, if your threat, your business there, and what you had for breakfast before you could bat an eye. Of course, this high IQ comes with its flaws. He’s always over thinking and he even will second guess himself if he feels there is a flaw in a plan. His need for perfection is uncanny and most annoying to his mind.

Crow is solid black in color with electric blue eyes. His body is carved with numerous scars that make him appear more intimidating and unapproachable. He has a tall, lean form with large paws and sturdy legs. His shoulder is deep and his hips wide, making running his strength. His chest cavity is large to house runner lungs and heart, those long distances don’t faze him. Even with a runner structure, Crow is far from weak. His body is held together with lean muscle, making him a force to reckon with.

Crow was born into a small family that consisted of himself, mother, father, and one younger sister. His mother was a lovely fae with blue eyes and a coat that involved colors of light grays and even some blues. His father wasn’t exactly a welcoming figure, his solid black pelt, a missing eye while the other glowed red, and old battle scars littering his body made sure of that factor. Despite appearances, both wolves were fantastic parents, granted his father was quite clueless and often dimmed it right to trap his pups under his paws to still their actions while he napped.

They were a happy family with little worry until their father came down with a murderous illness when Crow was the tender age of seven months. The disease claimed his father’s life within two months, leaving the three to mourn their loss of a great provider. As time grew on it became decided that Crow would leave his mother and only sibling at the age of twelve months (one year) to find what he wanted in life. He wasn’t traveling long when he came across a group of rogue youngsters, around his age. It wasn’t hard to become accepted in their mock pack, but when he was they became a second family.

The ‘team’ involved five males (including himself). Their leader, Tibarn, was half a year older than them all and he wasn’t exactly sane; to put it mildly. He always muttered to himself, growled at thin air and even talked to nothing but the wind. Crow didn’t mind or question his leader’s unhealthy mental state, he just abidingly followed; offering his support when needed.

A year had passed, members of their team came and gone. The only two that stayed reliable were Tibarn and ScareCrow. The two remained close even while Tibarn mental health continued to make a turn for the worse. When their team filled up to a crowded ten wolves, the leader decided to turn their team into a pack. Tibarn as the head and Crow as his second in command. The only things that separated the higher ranks (Alpha(s), Beta(s), and Commander of War) where the tribal scars they bestowed on each other. Things were going smoothly for the newly found pack until its leader became uncontrollable with his insanity.

Tibarn was certain his followers were rising against him and even murdered a few, completely snapping what sanity he had left. In promise to protect those that followed, Crow attacked their leader in hopes to bring him back from the world of insanity. It became clear very quickly that the only way he could help his friend would be to kill him. The battle was ruthless and bloody, but Crow came out on top with a heavy heart and new scars.

The pack disbanded after that. Crow became a loner in his travels, his mind heavy with the memories of his best friend. A year later and Crow still carries on his travels, uncertain on where he should go.


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Crow's Form Empty Re: Crow's Form

Post by Ceara on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:56 pm

aaaa another new member (bless up lang)! i cant wait for your form to be accepted+to rp with crow, he seems interesting! (:

check out ceara's bio here B) lovely avatar by fiona!

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Crow's Form Empty Re: Crow's Form

Post by Lang on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:15 pm

AWESOME! Welcome to the site! <3

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Crow's Form Empty Re: Crow's Form

Post by Zyro on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:16 pm

Crows history hurt me poor smol heart. Welcome to the pack! He seems like a very interesting character.

I'll add you to the WQ post as soon as I stop being lazy.

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Crow's Form Empty Re: Crow's Form

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:21 pm

Thanks guys! Such a warm welcome. :3


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Crow's Form Empty Re: Crow's Form

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