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The Council
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Member List & Ranks

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Member List & Ranks Empty Member List & Ranks

Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:10 am

Member List & Ranks
All ranks available to join are listed here, along with a description of that rank's in-game responsibilities.

The Royals are like the "alphas" of the group. They are the leaders and the decision makers, often tasked with making the tough calls in order to have what is best for the pack and they all must put any differences aside in order to be one cooperative and effective group. The Royals can be any gender, and there are an unlimited amount, but it is rare that a wolf is promoted to such a position. They must prove themselves to be worthy of the pack's trust. These wolves also lead Council meetings.

- this is a closed rank -

Deputies are like the seconds-in-command. Each Royal picks a deputy who they feel they can trust to manage everyday pack life and report back to them, as well as take over their Royal duties if they are unable. A Deputy is also a member of the Council, alongside the Rank Leaders and Royals.

- this is a closed rank -

These are the healers of the pack, though not all Mage's are necessarily physical healers. Some are medicine wolves, with great knowledge on how to heal any wounds, while some are professional advice givers and some are both. Any wolf who's talent falls into the realm of help, care giving, and healing belong in this rank.

- open, you may apply for this rank -

Brunts are the muscle of the pack. Fighters, warriors and guards all fall under this title. These wolves must be strong and capable of handling themselves in a fight, as they are the ones who protect all the other members from danger. Brunts are often found among the other members keeping watch, or perhaps joining the Spears on hunts.

- open, you may apply for this rank -

Spears are typically the more quick and sneaky members of the pack. They can specialize in being scouts, gatherers, messengers, spies, etc., and they often pair up with the Brunt's for hunting. These wolves are usually lean and fast, and are most commonly doing patrol work around the territory.

- open, you may apply for this rank -

The Rezza rank is probably the most common ranking, as it is where the more odds and ends types of wolves find their place. Wolves in this group may be training for a more specialized rank, or they may be making a name for them self trying to do some other unique job. These wolves come in all shapes and sizes, and are often asked to do leftover work on a daily basis. This is also where a majority of the adolescents end up after puphood.

- open, you may apply for this rank -

This rank is for the pups under one year of age who are still heavily protected by all members of the pack. They have little to no responsibility, and are often encouraged to try and explore the other ranks as to decided what they may want to train for in the future. Their main job, however, is simply playing around and creating some harmless mischief.

- open, you may apply for this rank -

These are the newbies and loners in the territory. Wolves are placed in this rank before officially joining the pack and earning their official rank.

- starter rank -
Pack Royal

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