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The General Rule Book

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The General Rule Book Empty The General Rule Book

Post by Zyro on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:58 am

General Rule Book

These rules apply to all topics and forums on the website. Failure to follow these rules will result in potentially being put on a required leave or permanent banning depending on the offense. If you see someone breaking the rules, please contact a Royal or Council member.

Forum Rules
- Be respectful to all members on and off the site. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated.
- Keep things relatively appropriate. Links/pictures/references to graphic or pornographic material are not allowed.
- Swearing is allowed on the site, but be sure to use it wisely. Using swears to target or harm someone is not permitted, and abuse of this privilege will lead to a ban.
- All posts on the website should contain at least two words in order to not be considered spam. The exception is in the gaming forum.
- Text chat is fine, as long as we can understand you.
- Touchy subjects such as religion and politics should be avoided or at least handled maturely. Remember to respect everyone's viewpoints.
- The only places you may double post is in the Points Shops, your own art thread, your own character biography thread (to inform members about updates/changes/etc.), or a game thread if so permitted.
- Please make an effort to make at least one detailed post in the roleplay each week. We accept all levels of roleplayers, but there is a three sentence minimum.
- If you are going to be away/busy for a long period of time, contact a Royal to let them know so they can put you on EFA (excused for absence).
- If you see someone breaking the rules, do not try and handle the situation yourself. Take a screenshot of the problem and PM it to a Council Member (Royal, Deputy, or Rank Leader) and wait for them to take care of the issue.

Chatbox Rules
- No roleplay should take place in the chatbox.
- Images are allowed, but please do not spam them or send massive ones.
- Try not to spam links.
- Keep personal quarrels out of the chatbox. Those matters should be handled through PM.
- If you see anyone being harmful in the chatbox, please take a screenshot and send it to a Royal or Council member.
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